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In France, in 1990 Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas gave a tour of their winery to a University of Bordeaux professor and his students. The revelation he made would open the way to a new and exciting approach to skincare. Professor Vercauteren discovered that the grape seeds discarded at the end of the grape harvest contained powerful anti-aging properties. The grape seeds contain polyphenols which, once stabilized, have priceless benefits for the skin. The anti-oxidants contained in grape seed polyphenols have an incredible capacity to fight free radicals, and therefore fight skin aging. The free-radical protection from grape seed polyphenols is unequalled in the plant world. With the experience of wine making behind them and a patented, stabilized grape-seed polyphenol, Caudalie was born.

In 1993, a French company, Caudalie, collaborated with the Faculty of Pharmaceuticals of Bordeaux University in applying the grape’s antioxidant-rich properties to spa treatments. Consequently, Caudalie trademarked the word Caudalie Vinotherapie® and introduced a line of high-end products rich in wine and grapeseed oil.

In 1999, Caudalie opened its first spa at the Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards near Bordeaux. Here masseuses use artisanal wine-making rakes to massage energy paths on the spine. Later, Caudalie built its Caudalie Spa at Relais San Maurizio in Italy.

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